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Creative Stress Busters


What better way to beat the stress of the holiday season than by getting together with friends and creating. For more tips on dealing with stress over the holidays, check out our Top 10 Ways To De-Stress During The Holidays.

This month, we decided to help our friends get a jump on their Holiday to do list by hosting an afternoon ‘Maker Party.’ On the agenda:

Since we knew we’d be busy helping and creating ourselves, we knew our menu would have to be simple. Enter the no stress, make in advance finger food!

Decorations were kept simple since we knew we’d be making all kinds of messes! C.Dolly and I made Pinecone Paradise Trays prior to the party. They are festive enough for the holiday table, but seasonal enough to keep out all winter.

For beverages, we had wine on tap (a.k.a. a box) and bottled coolers. Everyone had a wonderful time and left with a few items crossed off of their giving list.  For instructions and recipes, make sure you click on the links above. 

~R. Dolly


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