Tuesday Ramblings


Not going to lie, this week was a tough one, hence the super short post, but I would like to give a HUGE shout out to the friends and family who quietly supported from the sidelines while I had my numerous mental breakdowns in private. For anyone who follows this blog, you know that my… Continue reading Firsts

Tuesday Ramblings

The Office Christmas Party

Last Saturday, I attended the yearly Christmas party with a few of my closest friends who just so happen to work at the same place - coincidence? I think not. This particular event took place at a local bar where a fantastic band happened to be playing. It was also a closed event until too… Continue reading The Office Christmas Party

Monthly Articles

Creative Stress Busters

What better way to beat the stress of the holiday season than by getting together with friends and creating. For more tips on dealing with stress over the holidays, check out our Top 10 Ways To De-Stress During The Holidays. This month, we decided to help our friends get a jump on their Holiday to do… Continue reading Creative Stress Busters

Top 10

Top 10 Ways To De-Stress During The Holidays

As adults, we all know that feeling during the Christmas holidays. The love, the peacefulness and the mindfulness that floats down over us. Enveloping us in a soft, warm blanket of calming tranquility that keeps our minds quiet and focused. Allowing us to truly enjoy our family and everyone we encounter during this special, special… Continue reading Top 10 Ways To De-Stress During The Holidays


Rocking the Pebble Art

  Rocks/pebbles are a Dolly’s best friend when creating art, decorating and designing. I love the different types, colors and textures of rocks. When my girls were little we would go rock hunting and always come home with cool new treasures. We didn’t have a rock polisher, but we’d wash them and each of the… Continue reading Rocking the Pebble Art