Table Place Setting / Menu Cards

Table Cards

When you need an easy way to up your party style, visit for templates that are customizable to fit your party theme and style. 

For the table cards, I chose template #8820 which is a 4 per sheet, fold over 2″x3.5″ business card. Once I had them looking the way I wanted, I printed them onto vellum paper. You can also choose to print straight onto card stock if you want to skip the next step, but I am a glutton for punishment and always need to make things more complicated than they need to be. Bling factor is huge in my world and I like to think that people notice and appreciate the attention to detail. 

Cut cardstock in the colour of your choice. Make sure it’s a little bit bigger than the vellum so that it adds a nice border on the edge. For anyone who has ever made their own greeting cards, you will sew the two pieces together the same way you would a card . I like to use embroidery thread for the colour selection.  A bone folder is your best friend when it comes to sharp creases.  If you don’t have a local craft store in town, you can always order off of amazon.


To mark your holes for sewing, you will want to cut a scrap piece of paper that is the same width of your card.

1) Fold your scrap piece of paper in half like a hotdog.

2) Fold in half again like a hamburger. Mark this centre fold with a pen (for anyone who does not know the difference between a hotdog and a hamburger fold, channel your inner 5 year old or ask an elementary school student. Apparently I’m a child because it’s the only way I can think of to explain it.)

3) Fold your two ends to meet in the middle where you made your first pen mark. Mark each of these with a pen or marker as well.  You now have your hole template.  While looking at the beautiful instruction pictures, pay no mind to my disgusting looking nails. I will never be a hand model and I have come to accept it. 


4) Using a needle with an eye large enough for your thread, use the template to punch a hole through both pieces of paper. 


5) Decide whether you want your extra threads on the inside of the card or the outside. I chose to have them on the outside for this purpose, but sometimes I chose to put them on the inside for a greeting card. If you want the threads on the outside, start your sewing from the outside of the middle hole. Leave a tail hanging out long enough to tie and put a decorative bead on. Bring your needle up through one of the side holes.


6) Cross over the top and bring your needle down through the last hole. Your needle will now be on the inside of the card. Bring your needle up through the centre hole again and tie your ends together. You can now tie on a decorative bead. I used gray swarovski crystals. Just make sure you pick ones that have a large enough opening for your thread.


Now repeat for however many cards you have, and don’t lose your shit when people slop food all over them. It’s not like you’re going to use them again.

~ R.Dolly



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