Repurposed Jars and Candlesticks

A step by step guide detailing how to go from lacey dollar store cuteness to something more befitting Samhain Night.


  1.  Start stripping.  If you just had the following lyrics run through your head, you’re not alone…

I was a male stripper in a gogo bar
I was a male stripper in a gogo bar
I was a male stripper in a gogo bar
I was a male stripper in a gogo bar.” 

The eighties were so much fun. But I was talking about the jars. Strip the jars and save anything you may want to use for future projects. If you’re lucky enough to be starting with clean bottles, you can obviously skip this step. Or just dance around to Man to Man Meet Man Parrish for a few minutes while you think of how you want to proceed.

  1. Gather your glue gun, gems, ribbon, glass paint and stencils. Stare at your blank canvas until inspiration hits. For me, inspiration came in the form of my dollar store stencils with feathers and black ribbon.  The stencils I used stick to the glass and made a clean application so much easier. You can also purchase them at Michaels orAmazon.


  1. Once your paint is dry glue on your gems. If you want to add beads to the ribbon, you will need some head pins, eye pins, beads of your choice, jump rings, needle nose pliers and wire cutters (nail clippers can also be used in lieu of).


  1. You have two options. You can either stack your selected beads all onto one head pin. If you want your beads to have more movement, you will have to have a head pin for the bottom bead and use eye pins to connect to it. Once you have your bead chain looking the way you want it, slide it onto the ribbon and hot glue the ribbon to the jar.


  1. Add glass beads or stones of your choice for the candle to sit in.


And, in the spirit of the repurposing, C.Dolly was taking a mad dash through her basement and found some basic black candlesticks. And while basic has it’s place, it can always be improved upon. In this case, all it required was the addition of some beads hanging down. This is an easy fix for different seasons/celebrations, but if you’re like us, skulls are good everyday decor. If you’re not pressed for time like we were, you can always make your own jump rings out of wire by spiralling it and then cutting through the centre, but time was of the essence and we had to make do with what we had. 





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