Elegant Flower Skulls


I love skulls and I love transforming them into more than just a symbol of death or a Halloween decoration. According to many people, “Elegant Skulls” is an oxymoron. However, it is possible to bring these two words together and create something truly beautiful that will be displayed in the home year-round.

These skulls were really fun, easy and just plain relaxing to create. Each of us purchased a different type of skull. I found a foam skull at Michael’s and R-Dolly found a hard plastic skull at a grocery store. The flowers and moss were purchased at the Dollar Store and Michael’s. The best time to find purple and black flowers is Halloween so we’ve learned to stock up for the year during October. We found some really beautiful gold branches that are used for filler in flower arrangements and are sold in a bundle at most grocery store flower shops.


Foam Skull Head

  • Cut each stem just before you’re ready to place it in/on the skull. You’re going to want your flowers at different heights and you’re using multiple colors so you’ll want them staggered.
  • Hold the flower stem beside the skull to see what height you want the first flower and cut the stem to the appropriate height.
  • Push the first flower into the skull and then continue to cut and add the rest of your flowers.
  • Add the branches to fill it in and give it height.
  • Add a few green leaves.
  • Glue moss around the base of the flowers for texture and to achieve that perfect ‘been dead for awhile and just chilling with flowers on my head’ look.



Hard Plastic Skull

For this type of skull you can either:

  • Hot glue a piece of foam to the top of the skull and push the flower stems, branches, moss and leaves into the foam
  • Glue the flower stems, branches, moss and leaves directly onto the skull (R-Dolly used this method and it worked really well.)


~C. Dolly~



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