Decorating for Winos


I have mixed emotions when it comes to an empty wine botte. On one hand, I have no more wine, on the other, I have a very useful crafting vessel.  

The dollarstore is my mother ship and there is no better time to stock up on crafting supplies than at Halloween. Black and purple silk polyester roses, skull necklaces (cut the beads off and repurpose), black spider web tableclothes, lace masquerade masks, netting (a.k.a creepy cloth), etc…. 

Because we happened to have the skull beads, and we always have empty wine bottles and hot glue, the marrying of all these elements was inevitable. 


  1. Soak bottles to remove labels. Make sure all adhesive is removed. Wipe with rubbing alcohol to ensure adhesion of glue and paint.
  1. Glue small skulls onto wine glass using hot glue gun. Drip hot glue from the top of the bottle down over the skulls to make it look like melted wax.


  1. Paint bottles in your choice of colour. I chose a black primer followed by chrome paint.


Once dry, these make a great candlestick holder or vase.



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