Tuesday Ramblings

Crying In My Cheesecake

There are places in life that you become emotionally attached to. Cities, buildings or restaurants. Right at this very moment I’m sitting in one of those places that I’ve velcroed myself onto, waiting for my husband to arrive, and I’m feeling emotional.   Penisola Restaurant, a romantic little Italian restaurant, was where my husband took… Continue reading Crying In My Cheesecake

Tuesday Ramblings

Vaginal Atrophy and the Glory Bowl

I am thankful for the friends who have braved the experience of being in my life. Many of them are older (marginally) and wiser (significantly) than myself, so they have the arduous task of instilling me with wisdom. One of the gems that has been proffered is the menopausal window into the future. There are articles… Continue reading Vaginal Atrophy and the Glory Bowl


Chicken and Mushroom Pasta in Creamy Madeira Wine Sauce

We Dollies love pasta. Finding a pasta dish at a restaurant like Moxie’s and then trying to find a similar recipe is always interesting. We found one on Pinterest that had the ingredients we were looking for. We got together and made the recipe a couple of weeks before the party for ourselves and our… Continue reading Chicken and Mushroom Pasta in Creamy Madeira Wine Sauce