Tuesday Ramblings

Body Shots

“My great grandma used to do body shots off of babies. Whenever a family member would come over with their baby, my great grandma would check to see if the soft spot on their head had closed up. If it hadn’t, she’d put tequila on the soft spot and suck it off of our heads. She did it apparently to close the hole faster, because evil spirits come in from that hole and she believed that it took them out. Some of my aunts still do this.”

The above is from a Reddit user sharing one of their ‘WTF Family Traditions.’  and after reading it, I promptly fell down the Google Rabbit Hole. I found so many interesting things, one of which was the ‘Tequila Head Slammer’ shot, (but really, it’s just the Tequila Slammer, so I feel like google took a weird liberty with my search). 

Cultural appropriation be damned! Is it wrong that when I read this, I didn’t think, “hmmm… that’s weird.” I thought, “Holy shit! I need to keep a bottle of tequila in my purse – so I can be ready if the opportunity ever arises to drink tequila off a baby!” 

Even though a suken fontanelle is probably the coolest shot glass ever, I feel like that would be taking things a little far and I might have to just buy a collabsible shot glass that I can balance on top of their head instead. Nobody can get away with a baby body shot other than an actual grandma.

The details still need some work, obviously, but with a little tweaking, this could be a thing. And rest assured, I will only use babies that I know.  – C.U.NextTuesday, R.Dolly


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