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Top 10 Fall Activities




  1. Haunted Corn Maze – My most prized fall activity is the local haunted corn maze. So prized that it gets it’s very own article! Look for one near you for both daytime and evening haunted corn maze activities. Pro tip: make sure you take along a human shield for maximum survivability.
  2. Hiking – Fall is the most beautiful time to hike or even meander through the woods. Take a camera and you’ll end up with the most amazingly colorful pictures. If you’re accident prone, like I am, beware of the slimy composting leaves underneath the newly fallen ones. I’ve wound up on my ass, staring at the sky and covered with slime on more than one occasion…from the leaves!…not from doing dirty stuff in the woods with my husband!
  3. Coffee Date With Nature – Choose your poison: “Special” coffee, regular coffee or tea and take some time each day to sit outside and relax. Take a sip. Let the warmth flow through you. Watch the sunlight filter through the multicolored leaves and think about what fall will look like during the zombie apocalypse…or, you know, normal shit.
  4. Preserving – Canning or freezing fruits and vegetables will be a timesaver throughout the year. The local corn I pick freezes so well that it’s like I’m eating it fresh off the cob every time we cook it. My mom used to can shelves of food. I prefer freezing if at all possible, except for peaches. Canned peaches are my family’s favorite fruit and I have to ration them throughout the year so my husband doesn’t take a whole jar to work for his snack.
  5. Pumpkins – I will spend an hour picking out the perfect carving pumpkin. Pumpkin patches are fun for the whole family and I’ve always let the girls pick their own pumpkins, even if they were the most hideous looking pumpkins in the patch. My pumpkin has to be perfect for whatever design I’ve picked out. Last year, my girls invited their friends to carve with us at the last minute. Since I was short on time, I went to Safeway and the wonderful people in the produce department let me pick through two gigantic shipping boxes of pumpkins in the cooler. I tried really hard not to fall into the massive boxes by dangling my legs over the edge, but there were a few sketchy moments. I left the grocery store with a shopping cart overflowing with pumpkins and received more than a few questioning looks. It was so much fun and I hope we can do it again this year. I also always find a way to carve a little penis somewhere in the design. Don’t forget to grab pumpkins for pies and homemade pumpkin seeds to snack on.
  6. Antiquing – Sometimes you find the most amazing treasures while wandering through antique or thrift stores. It could be an old dish or piece of furniture that reminds you of something special or would be a great restoration project. I don’t hoard, but I do have a few things that I’ve picked up while scouting around. There’s a shop in the city next to us that I check whenever I’m there. They have some cool, weird and creepy items that are overpriced so I just stop in whenever I’m there and see if they’ve gotten tired of looking at it and will let it go for less.
  7. Roller Derby – Every city has a different derby schedule. Our city starts up in the fall and I had the opportunity to watch my first match 2 years ago. Luckily, they handed out a paper at the door with derby rules and terminology on it. The bruises those poor girls walked away with. I feel sorry for their significant other. I bet they end up with a lot of spit in their food when they go out to eat with their bruised derby girl.
  8. Fall Fair – Who doesn’t want to watch wiener dog races and a wiener dog costume parade? Pig racing? Duck racing? It’s an event for the whole family. Kids can: win prizes for their costumed farm animals, enter LEGO building competitions, make crafts, learn to container garden, watch the horse and donkey shows. For the adults you can watch all the kids competitions and events, join a free preserving workshop, enter a scarecrow making competition, listen to local musicians, watch barrel racing and so much more.
  9. Corn Picking – Check your local area for U-Pick cornfields. Take your family and wander the cornfields picking a whack of corn to take home for fresh eating and preserving. I get a few dozen huge, juicy cobs of corn to blanch and freeze. It lasts my family for the year. If you cut the corn off the cob after blanching it, like I do, make sure to lay the kernels out on a cookie sheet, freeze them and then put them into your freezer bags. You don’t want to end up using an ice pick to chip corn for dinner.
  10. Winery Tours – Aside from our yearly wine tour weekend, my husband and I visited a few wineries while we were in Penticton this weekend. There are less people wandering throughout the wine shops and tasting area. It’s just a totally different vibe in the fall. Things are winding down, the environment is more laid back and less crowded.

~C. Dolly~


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