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It’s Fall Y’All!!!


If the above images give you shivers of joy, then you are officially not my people. Fall leaves are pretty and all, but my theory is that if you absolutely love the change of colour and falling of leaves, then you have not had to rake acres and acres of them for 30+ years. And pumpkin spice latte is not coffee. Enough said.

I have a love hate relationship with Fall because I absolutely LOVE summer. I love heat, beaches, summer cocktails and wearing my dresses too short – which, at my age, you can only get away with when you can literally fry an egg on the sidewalk. Fall means an end to all of my summer loves and the beginning of school, frost at night, and ripping out all of my beautiful summer flowers. In short, it means work. BUT, it also means that it’s cool enough to be drinking specialty coffees such as Spanish Coffee and other beauties that you can find the recipes for in Fall for Our Special Coffee Recipes.  It also means that it’s time to stock up at the last few Farmer’s Markets of the season and get busy making pickles, hot sauce, and finding new ways to use the apples off your 15 apple trees (thanks, grandma). My grandparents lived through war, a depressed economy as well as a new and often rocky life as new immigrants. If you didn’t have the foresight to look after your food needs, a winter of eating cabbage and turnips was a very real threat. Since we now have my grandma’s old house, as well as her fruit trees, I see the need for a bigger freezer in my very near future.

Fall is a great time to tour your local corn maze as well as participate in our other Top 10 Fall Activities.

Best of all, fall means boots, fleece lined leggings, the return of dark make-up and no pink clothes in stores! Every good Dolly knows that you need to go through your closet seasonally to make room for new, or new to you, clothes.  Enter the Clothing Swap Party. Invite friends and random people with awesome style who look like they may be your size – I’m not kidding, although I’m not responsible if you invite a klepto or a mass murderer into your home. Everyone brings a bag of clothes, accessories, shoes and they get dumped organized in the bedroom. All guests pull a number and take turns going to pick one item. When you reach the end, you go backwards through the line up again, so if you had 13 lucky people, the 13th person gets first pick of the second run through. Afterwards, you take the leftovers to goodwill.


As we all know, every party needs some food and drinks, even if it’s a simple one with no real theme. If we ever had anyone over and they didn’t have the opportunity to leave drunk (with a designated ride) and a distended stomach from overeating, then we haven’t done our job – part of the reason why leggings have become my new pants.

In keeping with fall harvest, our spread involved a charcuterie tray and Moscow Mules. Simple and delicious! – R. Dolly





2 thoughts on “It’s Fall Y’All!!!”

  1. Haha… Yes it’s true I love the autumn leaves and specifically because I did not have to rake a ton of them as a kid… And when we did it always involved having leaf fights and jumping in piles 🙂 But I I totally agree with you on the pumpkin spice latte thing and my husband would vehemently agree as well – if you Google “John Oliver pumpkin spice latte” he did a really funny bit on his show which is on YouTube…

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