Tuesday Ramblings

Putting my Big Foot in my Big Mouth regarding the #BigMouth Discussion

I think it's safe to assume that if you're reading this blog, you aren't offended easily.  Since I know you have such an open mind, I will share my thoughts with you on the Netflix show, Big Mouth. Originally, the show wasn't even on my radar as a series I needed to see. I'm so far… Continue reading Putting my Big Foot in my Big Mouth regarding the #BigMouth Discussion

Tuesday Ramblings

Light The Penis Pumpkins

  Carving pumpkins is my favourite Halloween activity. Even when the kids were little, I’d help them with theirs and then concentrate on my own before cleaning “fucking pumpkin seeds” to bake for my husband. Anyone who takes the eternity needed to make their own spiced pumpkin seeds knows how they earned that special little… Continue reading Light The Penis Pumpkins

Tuesday Ramblings

Thanksgiving Day is a Happy Day. Right?

What runs through your mind when you read a social media post that says “Happy Thanksgiving!! I’m sooooo thankful for my wonderful family, my blessed life and waking up every beautiful morning!” When I read those touching statements last night, I was thinking “LIAR!!!!!” Family who probably never had to help, my blessed life being… Continue reading Thanksgiving Day is a Happy Day. Right?

Monthly Articles

Haunted Corn Maze

  I’m the horror loving Dolly. I love scary movies, scary tv shows, scary collectibles, scary books, scary video games, scary art, scary fashion. As I was typing that, this is what it sounded like inside my head: https://youtu.be/YQTfKsMGfiY If you've never been to a well done haunted corn maze, you’re missing out on chills,… Continue reading Haunted Corn Maze

Top 10

Top 10 Fall Activities

    Haunted Corn Maze - My most prized fall activity is the local haunted corn maze. So prized that it gets it’s very own article! Look for one near you for both daytime and evening haunted corn maze activities. Pro tip: make sure you take along a human shield for maximum survivability. Hiking -… Continue reading Top 10 Fall Activities