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Top 10 Tips for a Successful Wine Tour

  1. RESEARCH – There are many wine tours and many different wine tour companies. Make sure you read the reviews, although know how to take the reviews with a grain of salt as well. Some people are just impossible to please and bitchy. And, knowing what you like will help as well. If you like your wineries a bit more upscale, then know enough about yourself that you may not be happy at the winery with goats and a tasting room made out of straw. Don’t be a douche and give it a 1 star review because it wasn’t your thing.
  2. Stay away from girls in tiaras and feather boas. Enough said.
  3. This might be just a guess, but I am assuming that they are not letting you taste their best wine. They are letting you taste what they need to sell. Something else in the winery catch your fancy? Find a staff member and let them know you want to buy it, but want to taste it first. They will let you.
  4. Don’t be afraid to spit/dump your wine in the bucket if you don’t like it. They can’t all be gems.
  5. Walk away from high pressure sales. Although we didn’t experience this, I have heard from other people that this was really off putting. Maybe my bitchy face prevented people from talking to me. ONLY buy what you want
  6. If you overdrink, you will over buy. At the end of the wine tour, you may think that you’re buying the best wine you’ve ever tasted, but when you try it when you get home, it tastes an awful lot like fermented apple juice.
  7. With any kind of tour, it’s important to be open to new experiences, but that doesn’t mean you need to be completely comfortable with every sax playing winemaker and his wife. Again, not my experience, but I can definitely learn from it.
  8. Make a playlist for the bus. A GOOD one. Pretend you’re a DJ at a wedding and need to find a playlist that everyone from the age of 6-86 will love. It exists. I promise. It just takes a little thought.
  9. Timing is everything! Some wines aren’t available until later in the year, but if you go too late in the season, some wines are already sold out.
  10. Make friends with your tour bus driver. They are a wealth of information, and sometimes if your super nice and your numbers aren’t too high, they can sometimes take you to extra wineries that weren’t on your stop.

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