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Off the Grid Organic Winery



“Off the Grid Winery takes pride not only in their history, but in their future. The winery owners are from a long line of farmers who have lived and worked their land for over a hundred years. As BC’s first “off the grid” winery, they have an exclusive experience to offer. From solar panels to their straw-bale wine shop, they are organically minimizing their footprint with each bottle of delicious wine.”

Like many wineries in the Okanagan, Off the Grid Winery was originally a fruit orchard. They decided to move in a more environmentally friendly direction and get away from the use of pesticides and herbicides. The first vines were planted in 2007. Sheep graze on the weeds in the vineyard to eliminate the use of herbicides and the wine shop was built using straw bale construction with the sloped half of the roof covered with solar panels and the flat half of the roof green space with a ramp to allow the goats to roam the rooftop and enjoy their dinner with a view. 

The grapes were sold to other local organic wine makers until 2012 when they decided to make their own wine and the first vintage was released in 2015.

It truly is a family run business. Two Paynter brothers, their wives and many family members all help run different aspects of the business. They have a beautiful wedding venue, photography, yoga in the winery, a picnic area and various events.

~C. Dolly~



C. Dolly – I have to say that Off The Grid’s website doesn’t do their winery justice. It was set up more like a little farm with the weeding sheep, the Thanksgiving turkey hanging out with his friends, rabbits, pigs, and chickens all occupying large pens that were visible as we approached the winery tasting area. It was very unique and as we pulled into the driveway, Berne notified us that we were going to be the last tour of the season as they were sold out of most of their wines. A positive consequence of the wildfires was that, because of lower tourism numbers this year, some restaurants had just returned unsold wines they’d purchased.  This allowed my husband and I to purchase two bottles of our favorite wine that we had the pleasure of tasting. Yoga with goats would’ve been so much fun if I were coordinated enough not to land on my face or land on a pair of super hairy goat balls. Seriously, everyone in our group was infatuated and surprised by the goat’s balls. We purchased 2 bottles of their Gewurztraminer.

R. Dolly – I had the least expectations for this winery due to the website which I found confusing and lacking in information. Maybe because of this, I was pleasantly surprised. The staff and owners were down to earth and extremely knowledgeable about their wines. Since they are a small winery, they were sold out of quite a few of their wines and would be closing their tasting room in a few days. My husband and I enjoyed the goats on the roof and the relaxed vibe. We purchased a bottle of the 2016 riesling-gewürztraminer. As you’ll notice, we tend to only purchase white – not because we’re wine nazis, but because my feet swell up like a pregnant lady in July when I drink anything but.


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