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Kelowna Wine Tour 2017

Let’s start off with a little history about the 2016 drunkfest…I mean, the 2016 highly-sophisticated, high-class Naramata wine tour. This was the first wine tour experience for my husband and I. We had so much fucking fun that this is now an annual “thing” for us. My cousin and her friends invited us to join them for their yearly Okanagan wine tour and plans were made. We arrived Friday afternoon, went on a self-led walking wine/distillery tour and the drinking began. Saturday morning arrived and it was beautiful, sunny and absurdly hot. My cousin’s boyfriend purchased a box of wine at the first winery and when we got back on the tour van he asked if we wanted to play a little game called Slap the Bag. It sounded dirty so we were in! He took the bag of wine out of the box and held the spout above his mouth and kept the spout open until someone slapped the bag. That slapper then took the bag and this continued until it was empty. It was almost like musical chairs for adults. After visiting the third vineyard and stopping for lunch, which included enjoying more bottles of chilled wine at Therapy Vineyards, the driver was helping us out of the van. Liability-wise it was probably a smart move on his part because when we arrived back at the hotel to lay down for a couple of hours before meeting for dinner, the room was actually spinning. Plans of a quickie before dinner changed because being puked on just before the Big-O would’ve halted that shit Mid-O and nobody’s going to be smiling after that. Unless that’s a fetish of yours then I totally recommend going for it.


This year we chose the Canada 150 Wine Tour offered through Distinctly Kelowna Tours. They offer winery tours, agri-tours, culinary tours and adventure tours. If you’ve never been on a wine tour, it’s fantabuous! They pick you up in a van at your hotel. No need for a designated driver so EVERYONE can get white girl wasted. The tasting fees are included and they safely store your bottles (or cases) of wine until you return to your hotel. Berne was our tour guide and he was awesome! In some cases, he was more knowledgeable than the tasting guides. He’s highly recommended by The Dollies.

The Canada 150 wine tour is offered until October 2017 and includes wineries, an art gallery and lunch at the Red Fox Club.

Our wine weekend began a day earlier than everyone else. R.Dolly purchased tickets for Paint Nite at Summerhill Winery in Kelowna, BC. Not just for her and I, but also for our husbands. I loved, loved, loved it. My husband wasn’t excited because he’s never painted and he probably won’t admit it, but he had fun and was smiling a lot. I told him if he painted the canvas he could paint on me later. Summerhill Winery was beautiful, classy and well set up. The view was gorgeous. I purchased a bottle of their Syrah Malbec Rose.



The next day we shopped until everyone else arrived and then got ready for the walking wine/distillery tour. We went to BC Growers, Sandhill (where my husband purchased two bottles of icewine and I picked up their viognier. We moved on to Red Bird Brewing Inc. where we started drinking at the bar. R. Dolly and her husband broke off to pick up some items on our list from Urban Distilleries. We had an amazing dinner at The Train Station.

Saturday morning we were picked up at 9:30 am. We were so giddy and had waited for a whole damn year and it was about to begin! Our monthly articles describe the locations we toured and each Dollies impression of said locations: Off The Grid Winery, New Moon Gallery, Indigenous World Winery and Red Fox Club, Grizzli Winery and Quails’ Gate Estate Winery.

The only disappointment we encountered was that none of the wineries sold wine in a box. Sadly, that meant that Slap the Bag was out and, because of that, I was able to determine that the whole ‘needing help out of the bus thing’ from last year was in fact due to the bag of wine. I was still pretty fucking drunk, but I totally rocked the steps on the bus this year. I’m a big girl now! The whole day was fun and filled with laughter, wine, dinner at JOEY Restaurants Kelowna and then headed back to the hotel. 

Sunday morning, before we drove home, we went to The Jammery, which was also featured on The Food Network show You Gotta Eat Here. My husband and I once again had the same thing we ordered last year. The Breakfast Paella and the Big, Big, Big Breakfast. I loved the gift shop and it’s the only time I’ve ever been excited about a 45 minute wait for a table. It seriously takes that long to look through all the cool shit plus the food is completely worth the wait!

Check out our Top 10 Tips for a Successful Wine Tour if you’re thinking of getting all wined up for a weekend and don’t forget to play Slap the Bag.

You know how you are so excited for something and then it’s over quicker than you thought possible? That was our wine tour weekend and we loved all of it. 


Crispy Mashed Potatoes






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