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Indigenous World Winery


Robert Louie and his wife Bernice are Okanagan Syilx descendants. Louie was Chief for the Westbank First Nation Council from 1986 through 1996 and from 2002 through 2016. Robert and Bernice are passionate about Indigenous culture, history and lands while creating high quality wines. Indigenous World Winery opened it’s doors May 29, 2016. According to Robert Louie’s Linkedin profile, expansion plans are already in process for a craft distillery, microbrewery, native culture centre, amphitheatre, boutique shops and recreational orientated ventures.

Jason Parkes is the winemaker for ‘Indigenous World Winery’ as well as ‘The Hatch’ and the ‘Terrabella Group’. He has won over a hundred local and international awards for his wines including a double gold in California for premium Bordeaux blend. Jason Parkes also operates his own custom crush company, and when he isn’t busy crafting award winning wines, he spends his time making music. He is an accomplished artist who has written songs for Disney and television and in 2003 Parkes won CBC’s Galaxie Rising Star award for Canada’s independent song of the year. He is currently the frontman for Properman (check it out – it’s pretty good). He has been described as uncompromising when it comes to the creation of both his music and his wines.

2017 Awards for Indigenous World Winery include:

San Francisco Internation Wine Competition

  • 2016 Red Fox Pinot Noir Rosé (Gold)
  • 2016 Hee-Hee-Tel-Kin White Blend (Silver)
  • 2016 Estate Muscat (Bronze)

National Wine Awards of Canada

  • 2016 Red Fox Pinot Noir Rosé (Gold)
  • 2016 Viognier (Bronze)
  • 2016 Estate Muscat (Bronze)

The Red Fox Club Restaurant is located onsite and has an indigenous inspired menu created by chef de cuisine Andrea Callan. Prior to coming to The Red Fox Club, Callan worked at Quails Gate Estate Winery, Old Vines Restaurant and BNA Brewery to name a few. The menu is constantly evolving with fresh, locally sourced ingredients while maintaining respect for Aboriginal history. All in all, I would have to say that all the players have been put in place to create a winning combination. – R.Dolly


R.Dolly – This was the winery that I was most excited to visit, and I was not disappointed with the experience. Lunch was included with our tour and consisted of a fried bannock base and your choice of salmon, tenderloin or a vegetarian option with ricotta and tomatoes. I happen to LOVE bannock. I love baked bannock, fried bannock, bannock with butter, bannock with strawberry jam, bannock with mashed potatoes smeared on top and dripping with gravy….. So I was easy to please with this one. I loved my lunch.

Our tasting was also fantastic, not necessarily because of the wine, but because of the knowledgeable and genuinely happy to be there staff. Their excitement in the product shows and was contagious enough to make me buy a bottle that we didn’t get to taste. A rosé that someone at our table ordered with their lunch. I was pretty much wined out by that time and took everyone’s word that it was good. Instead, I sipped my rye and water to cleanse my palate for the next stop.

To sum it up, the view was gorgeous, the property immaculate, food was fantabulous, and bonus of all bonuses, if you happen to fancy a rousing game of paintball before continuing on your way, there is a course right next door. 


C. Dolly – I was really excited to visit this winery. The website and menu were appealing and it was the one restaurant that I would’ve chosen for lunch. Thankfully, it was the lunch stop on our tour. The little paintball village that we passed going down the driveway was really cool. The pure white tipi, the building and the view were all gorgeous.

We were seated and the presentation began. The woman was happy, excited and fun. Her vibe transferred to everyone at the table. Once the tasting finished, we ordered more wine and lunch. 


Bannock topped with tenderloin, tomatoes, peppers, blue cheese and spices served with a salad was my choice for lunch. It was so delicious and I can’t wait to try to make this at home for the girls. Oh, and we ordered a bottle of the Ehrenfelser to accompany our lunch because it was my favorite during the tasting. The wine, food and overall experience were wonderful. We purchased a bottle of the Ehrenfelser and a bottle of the Red Fox Rose. 

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