Tuesday Ramblings

My Phone is So Old, It’s Almost Steampunk Cool

I used to think that I was above average when it came to technology and the use of it. But it seems like the more advancements that have been made, the more my technology is being limited.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my gadgets. What I don’t love is that updates happen whether you want them to or not, and then your storage gets maxed, your battery dies quicker and you find yourself needing a new phone. I don’t like to be tricked into purchasing the latest model when my old one works worked perfectly fine.  My kids may laugh at me for being so old school, but my devices are pretty much indestructible and I can add any music that I want onto them. I don’t have to re-purchase and only listen to it on the device of some conglomorates choosing. I also don’t have to replace every accessory that comes with it because they changed their outlets to help promote their sales. No broken screens for me! And, double bonus, I can leave them pretty much anywhere and no one will ever steal them. Half of the time no one even knows what they are!

This is my phone of choice


And this is how I listen to music

mp3 player

I have also realized that I am not alone. I have met people who have started stock piling these devices because they are awfully hard to buy now. We usually get them given to us for free as well. I am well prepared for the day when mine breaks down or wears out since I have a few in the kitchen storage drawer just in case. I also have extra batteries that have been ordered off of amazon.  And, just in case you missed it, I did say for the day when they wear out. Not when they get uselessy tossed aside because something newer and better came on the market.

Just don’t stop me in the street and ask me to take your picture with your touchscreen phone. I don’t know how that shit works. – C.U.Next Tuesday, -R.Dolly



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