Tuesday Ramblings

Late Nights and Early Mornings


We have been pulling some pretty late nights here during the last week, which is all fine and dandy when you don’t have to be up early in the morning. We have been doing the usual, spreading ourselves into a teeny tiny thin little line, and hoping that nothing breaks. So far no one has ended up dead, so its a win. AND, we opened up our new restaurant! We have been trying to use local ingredients, keep the menu small (and simple – which will help minimize waste) as well as utilize some of our favourite recipes like roasted marinara sauce, homemade tobasco (keep following our blog as this one will be posted in the coming months) and our favourite signature caesar named after our favourite little pug, Dolly!

I can’t let you in on all of our secrets, but if you have only tried drinking a caesar made with vodka, you have not yet taken a ride on the flavour express. While a gin caesar can be good, a caesar made with some good old Jack Daniels can’t be beat. And that folks, is how we remain sane in the Dolly households! 4 hours of sleep at night and the perfect mixed drink can still bring a smile to my face. Because someone making you a mixed drink means love. Anyone can crack a beer – real love means emptying out the pantry – C.U.Next Tuesday, R.Dolly


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