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Barkerville Brewing Co.



My Aunt Mona and Uncle Cecil are always super fun to be around and I wait like a stalker in the bushes for their yearly visit. They lived here for only a short period of time before moving too far away for my liking but they now live closer to their own children and, while I realize that my cousins have first dibs on them, it doesn’t make me miss them any less. My cousins are just as awesome and fun to be around as their parents which makes the betrayal a little easier to accept.
While they’re here, they usually move their motorhome between my parents and siblings’ yards so that they get to visit with each of our families. Coming home after work and seeing their RV set up in our yard makes me giddy. This year, in addition to taking them on a night cruise on R-Dolly’s party boat and swimming in the middle of the lake, my husband came up with a fantabulous idea and made plans to visit a local craft brewery.

In February 2014, Barkerville Brewing Co. opened it’s doors in Quesnel, BC and was the first craft brewery in the Cariboo region of British Columbia. Since opening, the Barkerville Brewing Co. has won two Canadian Brewing Awards and five BC Beer Awards.

Visit the Barkerville Brewing Co. website for further information and descriptions of their core brands and seasonal offerings.

“Beer has long held an esteemed place in British Columbia’s Cariboo region. The original Barkerville Brewery was built by an Italian man by the name of Nicolas Cunio. Constructed in 1865, the brewery was located in an empty lot between Barkerville’s drugstore and Masonic Hall. Cunio’s Triple X Ale amassed a number of prizes in the local fairs and, story goes, the beer gained its unique flavour and superior quality from natural spring water drawn from a nearby hill.
But, on September 16, 1868, the town of Barkerville was reduced to a mass of smouldering ruins, with charred timber and heaps of rubbish replacing what was once the metropolis of the Cariboo. The first lick of flames appeared on the roof of the saloon near the centre of Barkerville a little after 2:30pm and, just one hour and twenty minutes later, the entire town was nearly burnt to the ground.
Although the city was immediately rebuilt, with 90 buildings reconstructed in just six weeks time, the original Barkerville brewery did not survive much longer: it burnt to the ground again in the 1880s. It has taken over a century for a Barkerville Brewery to once again rise from the ashes and stake its claim.”

We’d never been to this brewery before and I was extremely excited…for the pizza. I’m not a fan of beer past the first ice cold sip. I had two sleeps until our lunch date and I was filled with anticipation every time I thought about it. Finally, The Day had arrived. We walked in and the first thing we noticed is the huge custom-made “Timber Kings” table. You can watch the episode where they crafted this beauty and the multi-beer bottle holder here.


We wandered around looking at the merchandise and then got down to business.
Everything on the menu was sourced locally and we ordered a couple of pepperoni and capicola “Red Tomato Pies.” I was deciding between water and Pepsi while the guys each picked out their choices for their first set of beer flights and I was happy for them. Really, I was. The woman must’ve noticed my sad, yearning look because she said, “Oh, by the way we also have wine flights.” I was so happy that I almost leapt over the counter to hug her. Except that my legs are too short and I would’ve had to first climb each rung on the bar stool and then up onto the counter before crawling across it and finally lunging towards the floor on her side. Which would have been fatiguing and honestly, not very pretty. So, I carefully took my wine flight back to my table while trying not to trip on anything. I’m extremely accident prone and the last thing I wanted to lose was my unexpected, yet precious, wine flight.


The wine was from the Prince George winery Northern Lights Estate Winery. Out of the four types of wine, only one was iffy. Iffy in the fact that I would drink it if it was put in front of me, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to purchase it. The other three were magnificent. The highlight of our lunch was when my uncle sat down and placed his first beer flight on the table, flapped his hands and said “I’m so excited!!!!” Both my husband and uncle like different types of beer and they both found some new beers to add to their “must have” list. My husband purchased a growler of “Prospector’s Pilsner” for us to enjoy at our clam bake. I check every day and, so far, he’s resisted opening it.



The pizzas arrived and it was the best fucking pizza I’ve ever eaten. And we’ve tried many types of pizza over the years. The crust, cheeses, sauce and meat were all orgasm-in-your-mouth delicious. I could go on for days about the bliss that pizza created and I’m so happy that my anticipation of pizza perfection was realized. There’s nothing worse than the disappointment of unrealized expectation (I typed ‘unrealized sexpectation’ twice. Coincidence? I think not.) My rating for the Barkerville Brewing Co.’s atmosphere, food, drinks and service is 10/10. I can’t wait to go back and this time it’s for more than just the pizza. 

~C. Dolly~








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