Bacon Wrapped Asparagus

Everyone knows someone who doesn’t like asparagus. Why? It’s fantastic! Some people seem to think that it tastes like pee, but I disagree. Especially if it’s infused with the wonderful favour of bacon. I coud probaby eat road kill if it was wrapped in bacon. And, it would most likey be pretty tender. Because it was run over. By a semi.

I happen to like asparagus. I will eat it off a stick, I will eat it off a dick. I will eat asparagus anwhere, unless it’s covered in pubic hair (thank you, Derek).  

We coated our asparagi (because that is plural) in oil. We massaged it’s tender flesh and gave it a light sprinkling of salt and pepper before dressing it in it’s sexy bacon lingerie. Grill on medium heat until bacon (and asparagus) are primed to release their flavourful juices into your facial orifice.  – R.Dolly



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