Tuesday Ramblings

The Toothless Wonder


I’ve learned that I’m great in an emergency…if I’m the only adult available. Years ago, a neighbor girl, who played with our girls daily, was riding her bike on our street when her brakes seized up and she toppled over her handlebars and her chin hit the pavement. We had just passed her riding her bike and the girls and I were carrying groceries into the house when we heard her running down the road. There was still snow on the lawn but the streets were clear. When she came tearing through our yard, all i saw was blood dripping down her face, down her jacket and onto the crisp white snow.

I couldn’t actually see what was wrong with her face so I went inside, woke my husband up, told him to call her mom at work and grabbed a wet cloth. I say that like I was totally calm the entire time. In fact, I was completely calm and composed when I was dealing with the little girl. However, as soon as I ran into the bedroom for the cloth and to wake my husband up, I lost my shit. He couldn’t even understand what he was supposed to do before I ran back outside with the cloth. I calmly told her to put the cloth on her face and I would be right back. I ran back to the bedroom and screeched “Did you call her, yet????” Derek said he would have but he didn’t know why he was calling her because all I had said was to call her mom. So, I grabbed the phone and called her mom at work and asked her to meet me at emergency. Her mom asked if it was really that bad. I asked her to wait and I would have another look. I ran back outside and sweetly asked her daughter to remove the cloth from her face. I took one look and said “Okay, honey. Let’s just put that cloth back on your face.” I went back to the bedroom and said “Meet us at emergency.”

I left my girls at home with Derek and buckled the little neighbor girl into the car. The drive to the hospital went well until a little old lady was crossing the street just before the hospital. I yelled out “Move it or lose it, grandma!” The windows were closed and she was probably hard of hearing so I don’t think she heard me. Thankfully, the little girl was in shock and didn’t remember that little tidbit.

We made it to emergency and her mom was there waiting for us to arrive. I waited until they started to stitch her up. The doctor said that it looked like the inside of her mouth had exploded like an overripe tomato. I got back in my car to head home and ended up sitting in the parking lot for about 20 minutes until I stopped shaking. I was very proud of myself for adulting in such a calm way and saving a life.

Fast forward to about two months ago. We have a 15 year old poodle/papillon named Daisy. She has lost all of her teeth and sleeps most of the day. That little bitch is a tough little thing, though. She doesn’t put up with any of the other dogs shit. If they come near her she turns and growls and does this high pitched little bark thing. We also have a new puppy named Luca.

I was giving the dogs some treats. The big dogs got theirs first and walked into the living room to eat them. I turned and was giving Daisy her treat in the hallway when Luca ran up behind me. When Luca runs, he looks so fucking happy. He looks like he is smiling with his teeth hanging out and everything. Well, he was running full tooth ahead and when Daisy heard him coming and turned to scare him off, his tooth went into her head. Through her skull and into her sinus cavity. All I saw was what looked like him biting her and pulling backwards, dragging her with him. I screamed for Derek, who was downstairs. Rachelle started screaming. Daisy got loose and ran into the bathroom yiking and shaking, a trail of blood following her.

Derek came upstairs and swooped Daisy up. He grabbed a towel and put her on the table to see what had happened. Meanwhile, I’m standing over by the sink, with my arms wrapped around myself, crying and closing my eyes so that I don’t actually have to see if she is going to live or die. Rachelle is standing by the kitchen doorway, crying and wailing “OH MY GOD, Luca has the taste of blood!!!!! We’re gonna have to put him down!!!”

Derek, however, is still patiently trying to see where the blood is coming from. Daisy started to choke on the blood as it was draining down her throat. Rachelle and I started sobbing harder. He wiped her face and blood started coming out of the hole in her skull. Rachelle phoned an after-hours vet and she said she would meet us at her office. I phoned Sarah and told her what had happened and she met us at the vet, as well. Once the vet checked Daisy out, she explained that the tooth had gone in and out. Luca didn’t actually bite with his bottom jaw as the only damage was that one hole above her nose. So when he was pulling backwards, he was just trying to get her off his tooth. We ended up getting antibiotics and anti-inflammatories for her and brought her home.

When we got Daisy home and snuggled in, Rachelle asked Derek how he stayed so calm. He looked at Rachelle and I and said “Well, if I didn’t stay calm, the vet would have taken one look at you two idiots and taken Daisy away from us to find her a stable home.”

Which, is true. In my defence, well, okay, there is no defence. I really was more of a hindrance in this particular situation. Daisy is alive and still our toothless little wonder. – C. Dolly



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