Trailer Park Princess Cups



Who doesn’t love red solo cups? You see them and instantly know you’re in for a good time. The insulated red solo cups are the shit because they don’t tip over as easily and last longer.

We fell in love with this “classy” version of blinged-out red solo cups.

We checked out different suggestions for glue on Pinterest and it was a true nightmare. I’m not sure how many people tested the products that they claimed were the “best thing ever!” or if they were just copy/pasting from different articles but we’ve never been so glad that we tested out a craft ahead of time.


Our first glue tested and one of the two most highly recommended in You Tube videos and on Pinterest was “Quick Grip.” As suggested, we used rubbing alcohol to clean the bottom of the cups and the top of the glass candle holder. Following the directions on the package, we used the Quick Grip on the candle holder and placed it onto the the bottom of the red solo cup. It seemed to hold so we continued on and finished putting our 12 princess cups together. After letting the glue dry for longer than the suggested time, we picked up the first cup and it fell apart. Dread settled in as we checked the other cups and realized that none of the cups were going to stay attached. We then removed the glue, quite easily, and again cleaned the cups and holders with rubbing alcohol. The second most recommended glue was “E6000.” We only put one cup together this time and had the same results as with the first glue. So it was off to the store to pick up some “Crazy Glue” which also failed.


We looked at our bejeweled glue guns, which we had decided against at the beginning because we were worried the hot glue would damage the plastic cups. The hot glue actually worked…for our trial decorating session, anyways. We prepared the other 10 glasses and let them sit for a week.

Once the party day arrived, we had pretty much all of the bases fall off at one point or another. Most of the bases came off without any effort. One shattered on the ceramic tile floor and one landed on the laminate flooring (the base didn’t break but our friend holding the glass turned her glass upside down to see if it was her base that fell off and the alcoholic punch that she was drinking spilled all over the floor. Poor Dolly was saddened to be removed from getting her ‘doggy drink on,’ but a drunk pug is not a pretty pug.

Everyone decorated their glasses and had a great time, even with our ‘Basegate’ fiasco. The “Forever in Time” gem designs we purchased at Dollar Tree were great because they are so sticky that no glue was needed to attach them. The hot glue worked wonderfully for attaching single gems – C.Dolly


Cost per Princess Cup: $3 CAD each

  • Glass Candle Holder: $1.25 each at the Dollar Store
  • Insulated Red Solo Cups: $1.25 each at Michaels Craft Supplies
  • Gems & Glue Sticks: We had lots #crowlife

*I’ll sand the top surface of the candlestick and the bottom of the cup and try the glue again and update this post with my results. Until then, check the stability of your cup before drinking. Or hold both cup and stem while drinking 🙂 If anyone has any ideas or has had success with other products, let us know in the comments below.


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