Tuesday Ramblings

The Toothless Wonder

  I’ve learned that I’m great in an emergency...if I’m the only adult available. Years ago, a neighbor girl, who played with our girls daily, was riding her bike on our street when her brakes seized up and she toppled over her handlebars and her chin hit the pavement. We had just passed her riding… Continue reading The Toothless Wonder

Monthly Articles

Trailer Park Princess

The snow has melted, the ice has come off the lakes and the grass is green! It's time to dust the cobwebs out of the trailer and put on your favorite trailer park clothes! Let's go camping! And, in case you are confused, We don't mean camping out in the woods, we mean camping from the… Continue reading Trailer Park Princess

Monthly Articles

Wot in Tarnation??

White trash, Redneck, Trailer Park Trash, Hillbilly. You’ve either heard the words or had them directed towards you. Admit it, every-fucking-one of us has done at least one thing in our lives that would fit into the stereotypical category of all of the above. We may regret our actions afterwards or we may not give… Continue reading Wot in Tarnation??

Monthly Articles

White Trash Cooking

White Trash Cooking by Ernest Matthew Mickler   You know when you google something specific and get lost in the totally unrelated crap that the search produces and all of a sudden you realize that hours have gone by without you being able to find the answer to your original question or you've forgotten what… Continue reading White Trash Cooking