Tuesday Ramblings

Out of Yourself

Out of Yourself by Truls

I watched this fantastic subtitled Norwegian horror movie called “Villmark 2” or “Dark Woods 2”. I’m in love with foreign horror movies right now and any from Norway have been spectacular!!! Dead Snow 1&2, Troll Hunter, The Wave and Cold Prey 1,2&3 are all highly recommended by me.

The song playing at the beginning of the movie while they are in the helicopter was the first one to catch my attention. “Fighter” by Fender Heist. The video is AMAZING for it so check it out here.

The next song is blogalicious. “Out of Yourself” by Truls. The video is pretty fucking great, as well. I would have bet money that it was a woman singing but when I “Shazamed” it, I realized it was a guy. Instantly, that made it a million times better!!

It may not be your type of song to start with but just imagine this: On a gorgeous hot summer’s day just driving along, singing away, not a care in the world with:

Scenario #1 (for singers):  the sunroof open and the windows down, warm breeze blowing through your hair and caressing your skin, a sense of peace and happiness surrounding you.

Scenario #2 (for non-singers): the sunroof closed and the windows up so nobody can hear your horrendous singing, air conditioning blowing in your face causing your asthma to act up, but still a sense of peace and happiness surrounding you.

If you can sing, everything around you is safe. If, like me, your singing sounds like a dying hyena crossed with an opera singer, then you need to take a few precautions because, let’s face it, things die when I sing. Sing in your car, your house (if you don’t have any living things that you’d like to keep alive like children, pets, plants, etc.) or while you’re in the shower (that’s another great place for non-singers like me. The steam muffles the singing and the tub surround absorbs the off-key notes.)

I will sing in the house when my family is away and it’s just my little old dog Daisy and I because she’s deaf to anything other than cheese wrappers so that renders her safe. I have 2 plants that struggle to survive on the best of days so if they can survive my sporadic watering schedule they can damn well survive my singing.

*I did sing this song while Sarah, my youngest daughter, was in the car on a quick trip to pick up sushi. I told her about this song, how happy it made me and I admitted that anyone hearing me sing it would probably be following me with a pretty white jacket with reeeealllly long arms. I made sure her phone was out of reach so there would be no blackmailable evidence (That’s also a worry for non-singers.) After the look of horror subsided she laughed the whole way home. When we got home she asked what song it was and downloaded it to her iphone so I know she totally went to the dark side.

I sing to this song in my car, high notes and all, and it makes me feel so fucking happy. I just have to hear the first few notes and my day is instantly better. Once i start singing to it, the world is great. If I also have a Starbucks Latte in the cup holder then the world is perfection. Until some fucker cuts me off, is too stupid to signal, or drives like they’ve got a dick in their mouth. Then I just start the song over, take a sip of heaven, let it all go and sing! – C.U.Next Tuesday! – C.Dolly


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