Tuesday Ramblings

Bookworms, Unite!

I’ve loved books For-Eh-Vah!!!!! After bedtime, I would make a tent underneath the blankets and use a flashlight to read. My ears were constantly twitching, listening for any signs that my parents were approaching the hallway. If I heard movement, I would flick the light off and wait until it was safe to resume devouring my book. Imagine my astonishment when I found Bookbub! It’s a daily email containing free or discounted ebooks. There’s also an app, which lets you choose an email notification, but it also only gives me the ‘iBook’ option for my iPhone and I have a Kobo app so I can download a book to that app if it’s only offered through Kobo. By registering through their website I’ve found that it’s faster and easier to just scroll through the daily email. It’s totally LEGAL so you don’t have to worry about becoming someone’s bitch in a 6X8 cell (if that’s on your bucket list then I suggest looking at alternate strategies to accomplish your dreams.)

From their website: “BookBub doesn’t actually sell books. We simply alert you by email to fantastic limited-time offers that become available on retailers like Amazon’s Kindle store, Barnes & Noble’s Nook store, Apple’s iBooks, and others. Book publishers offer deals at these sites for promotional purposes, and our staff works with them to determine the best ones to feature to our members.”

You enter your email address, choose what types of books you like, what apps or devices you have and voila!!!! Every day there’s the holy grail of emails in my inbox. I normally only chose free ebooks by authors I haven’t read before which has allowed me to discover some fantabulous new authors (a necessity if you read as much as I do.) The happiest moment is when I find a book by one of my favorite authors for free or discounted to as little as $0.99.



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