Tuesday Ramblings

Out of Yourself

Out of Yourself by Truls I watched this fantastic subtitled Norwegian horror movie called “Villmark 2” or “Dark Woods 2”. I’m in love with foreign horror movies right now and any from Norway have been spectacular!!! Dead Snow 1&2, Troll Hunter, The Wave and Cold Prey 1,2&3 are all highly recommended by me. The song… Continue reading Out of Yourself

Tuesday Ramblings

“She’s Just a Girl and She’s on Fire…” Literally.

Everyone has that moment that tests their flight or fight response. Apparently I am a flight kind of girl. Not what I expected, but without a doubt, when my hair caught on fire, I was 100% in flight mode. Last weekend, I was having a nice relaxing sit down/stand around a fire. We are not from… Continue reading “She’s Just a Girl and She’s on Fire…” Literally.

Tuesday Ramblings

Bookworms, Unite!

I've loved books For-Eh-Vah!!!!! After bedtime, I would make a tent underneath the blankets and use a flashlight to read. My ears were constantly twitching, listening for any signs that my parents were approaching the hallway. If I heard movement, I would flick the light off and wait until it was safe to resume devouring my book. Imagine… Continue reading Bookworms, Unite!