Tuesday Ramblings

Zombie Apocalypse, PLEASE!!!


Why am I begging for a horde of rotting, flesh-eating, soulless creatures to appear and turn the world into a graveyard of humanity? See the above picture. Reason enough?

When I came upon that picture while scrolling through Netflix, I couldn’t control the nauseous reaction I had. After that, I couldn’t scroll past the image fast enough. Another little piece of my world was chipped away when my best friend and c0-blogger announced on FB that she was watching the above ‘Michael Bolton’s Netflix Valentine Special.’ I told her what my reaction was the first time I saw the picture and then turned my phone off so I could get some sleep, but I realized I had one more thing to say to her:


So many questions went through my mind during the following day. Did one of the dogs jump onto your lap and cause you to accidentally press the enter button? Then, did the batteries die in the remote and you couldn’t find replacements fast enough to turn it off? While you were looking for batteries, did an elderly neighbor knock on your door? Maybe you invited her in and she saw what was accidentally playing on your TV and she got so excited and asked to watch it before she went home? That was the most likely scenario that went through my mind. Hopefully, with time, the disappointment will fade and new, happier memories will take it’s place.

UPDATE #1: Apparently, I was not the only one who was trying to rationalize Robin’s viewing choices. Jack asked her if the dogs bumped the remote.

The funniest fucking thing, is that after logging on a few times, she told me “We have to post another blog so that picture won’t show up as soon as we log on. It’s making me sick!” Welcome to my world.

UPDATE #2: Robin now says she just wanted to lay in the satin covered bed with no husband and dogs. I said “Well, satin sheets are great for that. Just one kick and that hairy fucker would be on the floor and you’d have those soft satin sheets all to yourself.”